How we make it happen on your next new vehicle

UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. is focused on getting you the best product from the best dealers in the marketplace.

  • Certainly you may want to do your own shopping, even your own pricing of the vehicle you want.
  • You may pay a subscription fee for the opportunity to see the dealer cost through a “buying service” but you will still be directed to a sales agent, someone who may not have your best interests in play, to present your final purchase price.
  • You may go from dealer to dealer and try to get the comparison and the pricing you need to make a proper business decision.
  • Confusing, time consuming, you bet!
  • Then when the final decision is made, is it really the right one to satisfy all the demands of your business and your budget?
  • Why not leave it up to the experts, UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc.

We are different. UBIC vehicle Solutions Inc. will be at your side from start to finish and help with knowledgeable advice along the way to select and take delivery of your new car or truck.

  • From start to finish UBIC does the work for you.
  • We meet with you to determine your specific needs.
  • We compare vehicles, prices, rebates, finance terms, re-sale before you decide.
  • You pay nothing for our services.
  • We strive to save you even more by working closely with our dealer, lease and finance networks across Canada to receive volume pricing, something other retail buyers are not eligible for.

Completing the purchase will be done in a efficient and professional manner, often in your office or home. All in all, you can easily see how UBIC Vehicle Solutions can save your company valuable time and most important, money.

Have you hugged your vehicle broker today?