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COVID-19 and Your Vehicle Requirements

I hope this message greets you in a safe place, tied to your family in a manner we can all defeat this terrible virus. The challenges are many. With the proper diligent practices from our families, government, services and business’ supportive relationships with clients, we can all pull together to a meaningful conclusion of this disruption to our personal and business lives.

UBIC Vehicle Solutions continues to work daily with our clients to assist and answer questions where we can and review replacement vehicles to help in upcoming decisions. We are all going to come out of this event changed in how we do business both with our clients and the use of resources. We are here for you today.


We welcome your enquiries anytime; phone, text and email.



Most of us have recently seen the ads from the automobile manufacturers offering business’ and individuals the opportunity to source your vehicles virtually, online. Here are the facts;


Something new?

  • If you have been using a vehicle broker to manage your vehicle affairs, you are already well aware the service we offer is more efficient, economical, confusion and hassle free when it is time to decide on a new vehicle. Brokers are licensed dealers in Ontario since 2010.

All completed from the comfort and confidence of your home or office. Virtually!

  • Since 2010 UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. has been managing, as their independent vehicle broker, the varied vehicle needs of our individual and business clients.

Allows you to buy with confidence and saves money.

  • We assist in the selection, comparative pricing, guidance through the use of finance and leasing products, dealer relations and of course final delivery of your vehicle from the source dealer directly to your home or office.

We can help you and source ANY vehicle! 

  • UBIC Vehicle Solutions is not affiliated with any vehicle agency or manufacturer so our guidance and suggestions are completely unbiased.
  • We also buy old or out of service vehicles.

UBIC Vehicle Solutions, we work for YOU!

  • You are welcome to call me anytime with questions or you feel my experience and resources can add to your driving experience. UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. is a fully licensed dealer broker in Ontario 5202163. OMVIC. myvehiclebroker.com Peter Scully President 416-606-0613 info@ubicinc.com I am always open!