March 6, 2020:

MTO Requests Customers Continue Using Existing Licence Plates Until Enhanced Plate Becomes Available

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has asked OMVIC to share the following message with dealers.

As dealers may be aware, issues have been raised regarding the re-designed passenger licence plates and the government is working with 3M Canada to develop a new enhanced plate. While the new plates are being finalized, the remaining white embossed licence plates will be issued.

MTO is requesting dealers encourage customers purchasing new/used vehicles, who already have plates registered in their names, to continue to use those plates until the enhanced plate is available.

More information about the interim plan, the enhanced plates and the replacement plan for impacted blue plate holders can be found at The website will be updated as more information is available.

Dealers with questions related to this request can contact the MTO’s Elizabeth Marles at (416) 235-3433, or

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