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Feb 01, 2016
To Lease or Not to Lease!
Peter Scully has been experienced in vehicle leasing for over 45years and lends his personal insight to why consumers should at least consider leasing when considering how to finance a vehicle.

Jan 01, 2016
Welcome to a new way of buying a vehicle. A smarter approach. A new attitude. A friendly way of doing business. Save your time. Save your money. Come by often. Tell your friends. We know you will like it!

Nov 04, 2009
Where did it all begin...

Learn More About UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc.

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Welcome To The New World of UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc.

You receive the information, bottom line pricing and final delivery you need to make an informed decison

Often, you can receive the information and arrange delivery of your vehicle in just minutes.

No longer must you be confused trying to source the right vehicle.

No longer must you make a decision which may be influenced by biased direction

Now you can use UBIC Vehicle Solutions as your only source, your "Car Agency". Now and in the future. 

 Regardless of the vehicle you want.

We are licensed automotive brokers. 

We are independant yet we work with all automotive dealers and suppliers

Sound like it is a great new world when it is time to buy your next vehicle?


UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. does it all.

We are the easy, affordable way to assist individuals, professionals and small business manage vehicle decisions.

It's simple. Our services cost you nothing. Our knowledge and efficiencies save you time.

UBIC Vehicle Solutions Inc. -  Make Us Your Choice Today!

You can buy, sell, finance and lease through UBIC Vehicle Solutions. Any car! Any truck!

Simply, our recommendations and your final decisions are influenced solely by what works for you!

We assist in

Vehicle comparisons

Specifications and option selection for any vehicle

Written bottom line price quotations

Promoting out-of-service vehicle marketability

Managing vehicle disposal 

Vehicle availability including Canada wide searches

Maximizing your Return

We are your vehicle managers.