Electric vehicle startup Bollinger Motor’s has debuted its configurable B2CC commercial pickup chassis cab as well as the CHASS-E truck platform to serve the high-volume work truck market. The products are offered in rear-wheel drive, dually and all-wheel-drive variants.

“There’s nothing on the market, or in development, like our all-electric Class 3 work trucks,” said Bollinger CEO Robert Bollinger at the National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Week. The NTEA is the trade group for the work truck industry. “We’re proud that the B2CC is the only Class-3 electric chassis cab in development. With our new RWD and Dual RWD variants, we’ll be able to offer a whole range of options to commercial fleets looking to electrify.”

The B2 CHASS-E Cab pickup — a two-or-four door cab on which customers can purpose-build their own payload box — will come in three drive options: $70,000 for rear-wheel-drive, $72,500 dually, and $100,000 all-wheel-drive.

The CHASS-E electric, skateboard platform — which is the skeleton for all Bollinger models — starts at $55,000 for the RWD model, $57,500 for the dually, and $80,000 for AWD.

“Our trucks kick ass and now they kick ass three ways,” Bollinger said. “Now we’re making three versions to cover a wide range of needs for the commercial and government markets.”

“With our additional drive options, we’ll be able to provide work-truck solutions to every industry,” said Bollinger. “The significantly lower total cost of ownership for the RWD (model) makes it the best option for any fleet.”

Bollinger has said that COVID has been a challenge to product plans but that production is slated to begin later this year. Work truck deliveries are slated for 2022, and will dovetail with deliveries of the retail trucks which have been on order at BollingerMotors.com.